One way syncing problem

Hello guys,

So i have synthing on my Windows machine and Android and i am sharing a folder from Windows. Problem is when i make a change a file from the android side it doesn’t reach to Windows and got deleted. And the file on Windows pushed to android so i can’t make a change from Android.Btw Making a change from windows side works perfectly. I hope i could explain it.

To give as an example 1-Windows and Android both have file a. Synched 2- i make change to file a and make it lets say filea+ and expect Windows’ file a would get updated to filea+ and both parties would be filea+ 3- instead of both parties having filea+, filea+ got deleted and changed with file a.

Can you please help guys i really couldn’t figure it out :frowning:

Your explanation and example is unclear. I suggest you verify that the folders are of the right type to start with.

I think by default Android uses send only folders that do not receive changes.

What do you mean by right type ? I am using syncthing for Keepass database file.

Actually situation is very simple. I shared a folder from Windows with my Android device. When I make a change from Windows it gets synced and Android gets updated.

Problem is when I modify a file from android it doesn’t get synced with Windows and the file I changed on android side doesn’t get synced to Windows. So the modified file on the android side gets replaced with the old file from Windows. I hope this explanation would be sufficient.

But in my situation it is the opposite. Android can receive updated files from outside(windows) but can’t sync files that are updated in Android to Windows.

If you change the file (or add a completely new file) on Android, and then manually trigger a scan of the folder, does Syncthing detect the changes? If not, then this may be a permission issue, where Syncthing cannot access the files on Android (maybe similar to

Another possibility could be that your KeePass application on Android doesn’t update the mtime of the database file. If that is the case, then Syncthing will not be able to detect changes in such a file. You may want to try using a different KeePass app to verify this.

hello tomasz86

I consider your suggestions and decided to create a text file on Android and find out it is perfectly synced with Windows and when i modify it, modification of the file got synced too.

I tried another Keepass app but it didn’t work either. Also i checked if file modified time changed after i modify the file from Keepass app and it changed. So it is maybe not about mtime. I still don’t know what’s the reason behind this problem :confused: Thank you for your interest.

Hmm, could you try to add a new entry to KeePass on Android, save the database, and then see if Syncthing detects the change and synchronises the file to Windows? Also, do you use the official KeePass application in Windows, or a 3rd party solution?

I also use KeePass in a similar configuration, and at least the official Windows application always synchronises the database on save, so there is no way to have the newer file overwritten there, as long as the modified file has actually got synced from Android in the first place.

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