One-way Sync doesn't let me delete files on target device

Hello all,

I am having difficulties with a one-way synchronization.

PC A is defined as synchronization source with “Send only”, and PC B as synchronization destination with “Send & Receive”.

Recently, if I delete a file on PC B, then the file is immediately restored by Syncthing, i.e. copied over again from PC A.

This was not the case in the past.

Thanks for any ideas as to what could be causing this, or how I could prevent it.

I can’t reproduce this, instead getting the expected “out of sync” + “override” on the send only side.

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Thanks, that is what I also was seeing in the past.

I shall watch more occurrences and ideally post more information about what is happening.

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Hello, I’m still seeing this issue.

As soon as I delete a file on target PC “B”:

(the folder is set to “Send and Receive”)

…then that file is copied over again from source PC “A”:


Is this intended behavior, or is something wrong?

No, definitely not intended. The expected outcome is what Jakob sees:

I don’t understand the state on the screenshot. Firstly it’s in a “moving” state (scanning and out-of-sync) - what is happening? Generally indicate at which point in the actions you previously described you took the screenshots.

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The screenshots are taken within minutes of having deleted that file “Updated 20XXXX - Copy.vsd” and the file having been re-synced from PC A to PC B.

I should add that I have been manually syncing files back from PC B to PC A for many months. Syncing back automatically has turned out too dangerous for me.

It seems that Syncthing on PC A doesn’t recognize this and thinks there are lots of different files, when actually there aren’t any – as Syncthing on PC B also reports correctly.

I’m not sure what’s happening in your setup either. I suggest cleaning it up first - both sides should be quiescent and in sync. Override if required. Delete your file. See what happens.


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