One rogue device pollutes whole cluster

I have Seven devices in my cluster. FIve share ebooks and audiobooks. Two share only ebooks (not enough storage for audiobooks).

Somehow, there are audiobooks showing up in the ebooks directory on all devices (but not all audiobooks):

The culprit seems to be device 1 sharing with other devices. Device 1 does not have the audiobooks folder and thus should not be able to share it, yet device 3 sees it as sharing Audiobooks:

Diagnosing this is complicated by the fact that Device 1 will no longer load the admin console at all. This despite multiple restarts.

I could probably fix this by blowing away device 1 and reinstalling, but that would not help figure out what went wrong. This is the second time this has happened,

Here is the config xml for device 1: config.xml (6.7 KB)

I can’t seem to find a log file for syncthing, but I would be happy to upload it as well if someone can point me to it.

How do I figure out what went wrong?

other details: The introducer uses Send-only all devices have no interaction happening on them, no users. Each device has a webserver that looks at the synced directories and serves the files, No one is logged in on any of them. Device one has not even served any actual files, it’s been running idle.

all device have ignore permissions set.

All devices have been set up within the last two weeks (so nothing is really old). All devices are running Linux of some form (the “master” is a Synology NAS, one device is a Mac Mini running Debian, the rest are Raspberry Pi zeros)


I don’t see anything obviously wrong from the outside. The folder can be shared with a device without that device having it - in that case nothing happens, except a prompt to add the folder on the other side. (Where you can’t open the GUI for whatever reason.)

I would suspect something or someone else saving files into the wrong place. Or some device having the ebook folder added with the audiobook path or vice versa.

That’s good to know

So would I, except I have manually checked all them except the one that won’t load the admin console, and according to the consoles, they are all correct.

I want to clarify that. There is no “someone else” in this case (unless you mean "some other Syncthing instance erroneously writing data). There are no users involved, no GUI interfaces, no possibility of someone dragging files into the wrong folder. I am nth only one with access, and I only have command line access (except for today where I mounted drives to find file sizes). I have been very careful this round to eliminate that obvious possibility. I am quite sure that the erroneous files are being written by Syncthing. This is not meant to be accusatory. This is either a bug or (more likely) a config error on my part. I am trying to get to the bottom of this and I have been very diligent to minimize the probability of human error generating file changes. Only Syncthing has written files in this case.

I am only being this emphatic to get past the obvious answer and find the actual answer. Please don’t take offense. I am quite sure the usual problem in these cases is user error.

Yeah, I don’t know. I haven’t heard of any cases of Syncthing leaking files between folders and given how it works under the hood I’m skeptical of it happening. Not much else we can see from here I’m afraid.

Not seeing under the hood, I am skeptical of that as well, it really feels like a config error of some type. Especially in light of it being only some of the files.

I am going to isolate all the instances from each other and only have them see the “master” and the Override changes (and just wipe out device 1) and then slowly add them back to seeing each other and see if I can get it to occur again. (I’d just let the “master” sync changes to each, but distributed syncing is highly desired in this use case)

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