One folder shows "Out of Sync" on one client, but it is synced

I have two devices connected and I’m sharing about a dozen folders. On one device, one folder shows “Out of Sync” in the Web GUI. (All other folders show “Up to Date.” Also, on the other device, this folder and all other folders show “Up to Date.”

The out of sync items are all 31 items in this folder. However, I compared the folder contents on both devices and they are equal. Everything is synced, and if I make any changes to a text file for testing, those are synced almost instantly.

In short, everything seems to be working fine except for the “Out of Sync” message and the erroneous list of 31 items out of sync.

Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you.

Out of sync on a remote device (right side of the web UI) or out of sync on a folder (left side)? What version of Syncthing? Ideally post a screenshot please.

It was the left side. I can’t post a screen shot because I ultimately made it go away. However, before doing that I saved the logs. All the items that were not syncing had the same log message:

2020-12-27 03:23:46 Puller (folder "xyz" (xyz), item "abc"): syncing: chmod /data/sync/abc: operation not permitted

This was due to device A (where the error was shown in the left panel) had “Ignore Permissions” UNCHECKED, which device B had “Ignore Permissions” CHECKED.

I configured them in this way because I wanted device A to determine the permissions. I thought that would work because of:

[v0.8.10] Ignore Permissions - Announce - Syncthing Community Forum

When the checkbox is checked for a given repo files originating from this node will be announced with the “no permission bits” flag. Other nodes will use whatever their default permission setting is when creating the file.

I am still looking for a way to have one device propagate permissions to the other device(s). (And I really with Syncthing could be made to do that for owners, groups and ACL’s, but I guess that isn’t in its roadmap.)

That’s not possible. When ignore permission is set, that device neither sends permissions to other devices nor uses permissions sent by other devices.

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