one folder persistently mismatched... please advise to resolve?

Hello all. Hope someone has some advice! I have one folder that is consistently mismatched between two devices. The ACTUAL folder contents match as confirmed by folder->properties in various Operating Systems. But Syncthing thinks they are mismatched. this is a one way sync from “master” to “secondary”. Master is correct:

Secondary is not. Even the global state is not:

Folder Properties on both machines show identical count of folders and files which match the primary “send only” machine.

Any thoughts how to resolve?

thanks tiwing

Honestly, it’s difficult to say what exactly has gone wrong. I’d try first with removing the folder from the second device (only in Syncthing), then pause and unpause the other device to trigger a reconnection, then re-add the folder using the pop-up. This should be safe as long as the folder is set to Receive Only (as is the case right now).

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