One folder doesn't synchronise - can't see why

I have three Linux systems with 5 directory hierarchies synchronised between all three systems. Everything works OK except for one directory on one system.

I spotted the problem recently when I added a sub-directory to the directory in question and it didn’t appear on one system. As I said everything else works as expected, all other directory hierarchies synchronise as expected.

There are no messages from syncthing about the directory that doesn’t synchronise.

Synchronisation of this directory works fine between the other two systems.

I have just tried adding some files to the directory on the system where it doesn’t synchronise, they don’t get synchronised either.

How can I diagnose this?

Screenshots from both sides would help with that folder expanded.

I think I have spotted the reason, one folder had a different ID. What I don’t understand is how this happened. How could one end up with a folder having a different ID?

Anyway it seems to be fixed now, I deleted the folder and the syncthing entry for it on the system where it wasn’t working then re-created it and all is well now.

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