On Synology NAS - how to point Syncthing to (shared) folders

This may be a very stupid question, but (to a Windows user) I’m completely unfamiliar with non-Win the file/folder structures.

So, I have installed Syncthing in my Synology NAS box, which is of course, Linux based. The Syncthing GUI is now asking for a folder to monitor. I have about ten pre-created Shared folders, and if I look at the Properties of the folder I find, for example …



  1. Can I use a pre-existing folder or do I have to create a fresh folder for Syncthing to start working on?
  2. If I enter just: /volume1/T-Sharemeplease as the syncable folder, it is rejected.

So I’m stuck. My hunch is that that folder path is incomplete, and in the Linux world it needs more detail such as user and so on. I can’t find an answer in your documentation.

Thanks in advance

You don’t need extra directories to share as a syncthing folder. But the user, which is running syncthing, needs permissions to access the directories.

If the share name is T-Sharemeplease and it is on the first volume, the path /volume1/T-Sharemeplease/ should be correct.

In what way is it “rejected”?


I’m thinking that the path must be case sensitive. Some progress? Now, after creation, several messages appear to flash past (unreadable) and then Stopped appears.

Edit, open: “folder marker missing”

This is a quite different situation to earlier where various various messages popped up.

BTW: How does one create the green-on-grey text please?

Paths are indeed case sensitive on Linux (and any *nix)


Have made a connection from NAS to Win desktop:

NAS reports:

2017-11-16 13:09:33: Loading ignores: open /volume1/T-test/.stignore: permission denied 2017-11-16 13:09:33: Creating folder marker: mkdir /volume1/T-test/.stfolder: permission denied 2017-11-16 13:09:33: Error on folder “test” (test): folder marker missing


Afaik you need to add the user running syncthing to the admin group. The user is probable named syncthing.

You can use most markdown syntax in this forum, like code format.

Ok, thanks for the help.

I have to catch a plane and I’ll be away for a few days. I need to clear some time to really work this through. I cant be far off a workable system!


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