on-demand sync/seletive sync/choose what to sync

Hello there,

I wanted to switch from Resilio to Syncthing, since I found the installation on my synology nas as easy as resilio.

But one thing I am not sure about if I just can’t find it or it is missing: Choose which files to download/sync only specific folders from within the Sync-Folders.

Example: I have “/Picures/” shared on my NAS, including the subdirs: vacation, festival, events.

I don’t need the whole /Pictures/* folder and even the subdirs only sometimes. So I open the “client” app and navigate inside the /Pictures/events folder and choose which files to download. Maybe I want the whole /events folder, but not the other two.

Is there a way to archive this on the latest version?

Or can it be considered as a feature request?

Read the docs, ignore patterns should allow you to do this.

Ignore patterns would help me, but would complicated to be updated on a fast way. I would need the exact folder names that I don’t need, and that are way more than I need at the given moment.

The example is a much smaller version if the folder I want to sync in a partial way. In real I have like 20 subfolders right in the /ShareFolder/ and in each subfolder like 10 subsubfolders. Don’t mention the single files per subsubfolder.

I am missing something like a “custom download order”, instead of alphabetically, … there could be a entry that let my choose the folders by ticking them, no need for every file within this folder, but at least the folder.

I would using Syncthing less as a sync-application, more like a on-demand-downloader with a resuming function. With the onboard options of Synology I receiving many failed downloads and need to restart the whole dl again.

Very annoying on a limited speed connection and big sized files.

Syncthing is not an on-demand-downloader sadly.

Sadly I discovered this while writing my sec. answer. I really searching for more like a “File-Manager” with named features.

But thanks for your answer and thanks for this nice piece of open-source software. Once I need a true sync app, I will remember Syncthing. :slight_smile:

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