Older file versions overwrote newer.

I just synced two folders, one of which was on a system I hadn’t turned on in a few days. It started synchronizing and when it was done I pulled up one of the files I’d been working on. My recent changes were gone. I assumed it was because not all files had finished syncing. But no. I went back to the system I had been working on the past few days and the changes were gone. I had simple versioning turned on, but I can’t find any way to revert my tree back to a time prior to the last sync. If it were just a handful of files I could find the older versions under .stversions, but I had done a git pull on a large source repository and modified many files. It there some tool I can use to like revert the tree that got hosed to a given date and time?

Help PLEASE!!! Gregg

I’m not aware of any such tool. What syncthing version and OS on the respective boxes were involved here?

Search the forums, I think there are a few scripts people have used.

Newer versions were on Windows Server 2012 syncthing version 0.10.31 Older versions that overwrote them were on Windows 8.1 syncthing 0.10.30

Ok. I hope you find a script to resolve it. The root cause should be fixed in v0.11.