Old Password entries in 1Password

Hi there!

We’re using synching to sync our 1Password vault across approximately 8-12 macs. There are two or there (perhaps even more) password entries which contain old passwords, although we constantly resent the new ones by editing certain entries.

How can I find out which user is the troublemaker and what’s causing this?

Thanks in advance!


Check for conflict files - if these are several users it’s very likely the database is open at multiple places and thus conflicts occur. There’s info in the conflict file about when and on which device (by ID) it was created.

Thanks for you quick reply! I don’t know if this can be the problem, because no one is writing to the vault (the only conflict file I can find are *.DS_Store-files). My guess was that as soon as a User with an old vault comes online, synthing propagates his vault as „new“.

That would result as a conflict if it was modified since the old user modified it. In general, syncing databases like such is not a great idea.

I think the 1Password one is designed to allow precisely this. Not sure what the problem is, though.

Thank, Jakob, that was my rational, too. I think I’ll reset the whole deployment and start over. Or any other suggestions what I could try? A central instance acting as a global dashboard would be cool especially for this kind of problem, though.

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