Odd "not sending symlinks to old client" messages on Debian

I have a small cluster of machines syncing a few folders. They’re all running syncthing from the OS repositories, and they’re all running on Debian sid. They all keep showing a message with the message in the title - in both directions. This seems odd. There seems to be no proper version number, which may be the cause for this.

Are the Debian packages outdated or otherwise less preferable now? As I recall there were instructions to install from Debian’s repositories when I started using syncthing.

Could you share which version it is you are running? The version number is displayed in the web UI for instance.

It shows ‘unknown-dev’ in several places where I’d expect a version number. As I said, this is a system package, so I find this a little … odd.

apt show claims this should be version 1.1.4, though. Seems like the debian packages are somewhat out of date now, which they weren’t earlier this year. Oh, well, I guess I’m off to change sources.list.

If you want the latest version of Syncthing I’d recommend adding Syncthing’s own repo to your sources.list.

I’m going to, but it’s still confusing that it happens. That’s a Debian bug, though.

The message seems to be because it’s issued on the basis of a version number parse, and a build that doesn’t have a proper version number doesn’t scan as being newer than the versions symlinks don’t work on. I wonder if there might be a better way to test for that.

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