odd folder behaviour on v1.20.2-rc.3

I run many folders, however one has been odd and feel it’s leaning towards a bug.

SO site sends to 2 RO sites, one of which has concurrency, the other RO doesn’t. On the folder without concurrency, it said the marker was missing, however it’s in the folder. I also replaced the marker and checked the attributes. Restarted St and still refused to accept the marker was there. So removed the folder thinking it will offer to add it again. It hasn’t.

Looking at the SO end, it thinks the ‘now deleted’ folder is “The remote device has not accepted sharing with this device”. I have no ignored devices or folders.

On the concurrency RO site, it’s showing ‘unknown’ due to the upgrade and isn’t yet scanned. The SO site thinks it’s paused. When I turn off concurrency, restart and it’s showing ‘waiting to scan’, then the SO end is happy again. Clearly it’ can’t handle ‘unknown’ folder status

Edit: I had to remove the shared folder from the SO end and re-add it and it asked to sync the folder on the RO end and it accepted the marker this time.