NTFS Permissions

We have 2 Sycnthing services running on 2 Windows Server 2016. They are both Syncing files and folders from a mapped drive. The only issue is the NTFS permissions aren’t being copied across when changes are made on either. The permissions stay on the server that the file/folder is created but don’t sync across. They are SMB file shares that users will be adding data to and permissions inherited.

I’ve checked on both servers and the Ignore Permissions is unchecked. I’ve also found the below in the FAQ and wanted to clairfy:

The following may be synchronized or not, depending:

File permissions (when supported by file system; on Windows only the read only bit is synchronized) - So no NTFS permissions are synchronised?

Symbolic links (synced, except on Windows, but never followed)

The following are not synchronized;

File or directory owners and Groups (not preserved) Is this restricted to Linux file and directory owners?

I’ve found this post form a few years back. Is it still the case that NTFS permissions don’t copy? Any future plans to syncronise NTFS permissions? NTFS permissions synchronization for Web site mirroring

Any help understand is greatly appreciated.

NTFS permissions are not synced and there are no current plans to do so that I’m aware of.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Thank you for asking this! I was literally moments away from purchasing the premium support on Kastelo – When I realized I never checked if NTFS permissions were being copied. This was /almost/ a perfect replacement for DFS-R.

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