Notified about "Local Additions" in ignored directory (previously not ignored)

Using SyncThing v1.21.0 on Linux, with one client read-only and the the other write-only. I did have one directory shared, but ended up adding it to the “ignore” file for both client and server.

This worked to keep it from syncing, but somehow the client still is reporting “Local changes” for this directory even though it isn’t being synced at all now and is successfully ignored. I’ve tried rescanning and even reverting local changes, but it doesn’t seem to impact it.

Is there a way to clear these out?


Can you post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides? Please make sure that the folder is unfolded and all the details are visible. You can obfuscate private information if there is any.




It doesn’t appear that the files have been actually ignored. Can you provide a sample filename together with your ignore patterns?

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