Notification about ignored files

Some of my files are ignored during rescan by Syncthing with the error “… path has UTF8 encoding conflict with another file; ignoring.”

As a new user, I was puzzled with the difference of my synced folders until I discovered what “AutoNormalize” is and how it works; because Syncthing showed me no errors or warnings about synchronization, it just showed “Up to Date” status, giving the impression that synced folders are identical, synced without any error. I noticed that by chance when I saw that many files are missing in a folder. Users seeing “up to date” status may use their synced folders, unaware of the fact that the folders are not identical in case there are encoding issues in the files.

I suggest that Synchting shows a report of how many files were ignored during last scan, paths of ignored files and the reason of ignore. A short additional information about how user may solve this problem would be very helpful.

I am currently working on this, see and

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