Notice on deprecated identifiers

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask if there is any document where I can see if any variables are being deprecated. I recently upgraded Syncthing from 0.14.43 to 0.14.49 in my company and had several problems with our scripts since names changed. For example the FolderStatus event is now called FolderSummary. I was not even able to find out in which version the name changed.

For deeply integrated systems it is a pain to update if event or configuration descriptions change and the release notes have not mentioned those changes. The documentation is also not very detailed in those regards.

Far as I know there wasn’t a FolderStatus event before either - I don’t think we’ve ever renamed or removed one. Config attributes sometimes appear/disappear between releases, but there’s no central point of truth to see this per version unfortunately. The docs are supposed to reflect the current state.

Then it seems like we had this mistake in our code for quite a while. It would still be nice if there was some central spot to see changes in config attributes, like the switch from readwrite to sendreceive in a central location.

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git diff v0.14.49..v0.14.50 lib/config