Not syncing stuck at 0% on both sides

Hello, I just started syncthings to sync some folders between my dads computer and mine. This is mainly to sync pictures and some files used in my dads business which could videos and such as well.
I have setup Syncthings on both sides to send only. On one side I can get the folders to create and the other no folders were created and similar action is occurring and stuck at 0%. I did open up ports 22000 and 21027 with the same result. I then shut the firewall off on both sides and restarted syncthings and the machines but the same is occurring.

I am hoping someone can give me some guidance on what is going on so i can get this working.

What do you need from me to best aid in troubleshooting this?

Both machines are windows 10. One one side in the logs i see: Failed to exchange Hello messages with


That you set both folder to send-only looks like you didn’t really understand folder types: They will never sync, because both devices will not accept changes from the other device (that’s send-only). If you just want to share file between two device, just stick with the default send-receive.

Thanks. I didn’t realize i needed to do that. I did it as I don’t want one or the other updating each others files so maybe i need to review how this should be done.

When I recreated these folders using send/receive it did being to work it seems.

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