Not syncing over LAN

I’m trying to sync a PC with my Android phone. PC has address, phone has I have disabled global discovery and relay, also have set the IP for both devices (e.g. tcp:// but it is still sending data over (which resolves as ), which is frustrating, as I am on a metered internet access. What am I missing? PC version: 1.12.1 Android version: 1.18.3 UPD: never mind, it started to sync over LAN after I put this post. Not sure what caused it to happen.

can you not run a more current and decent syncthing release on your pc side as well? thats most likely the main problem.

sycnthing instances on the same subnet would see each other via broardcast discovery and such things, and i think i remember that recent syncthings now default to tls 1.3 and that old dated syncthing you are running (december 2020) probably has no tls 1.3 just yet.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry for disturbing you, problem resolved by itself and it is most likely the old version I’m using on my PC. Will look into upgrading it on Debian.

Syncthing v1.12.1 is not that old. It should connect and work with the current one with no issues (except for bugs, etc. that have been fixed since then). The old versions without TLS 1.3 support wouldn’t even be able to connect to the new ones (without enabling insecureAllowOldTLSVersions), which isn’t the case here.

The problem is gone, so I guess there’s nothing more to do here, but normally these kind of issues are caused by firewalls and such blocking direct connections.

Next time, some things to look into: Local-detection, Global-detection, Nat-traversal and Ralaying.

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