Not syncing in LinuxMint 19.1.

None of my folders are syncing and they’re colored in gray instead of green, blue, or red. In the device list, none of them are connected even though I have Syncthing running on two of my other devices. I can’t change the settings for any of the folders. Here are some screenshots:

Can anyone help? Thanks.

EDIT: I forgot to mention a few things. In the past when I’ve changed wifi networks, the folders filled in with green and blue colors and started syncing. Now when I change wifi networks, this doesn’t happen anymore. Also in the past, the folders started working when I turned the firewall on and then off but doesn’t happen anymore either.

The screenshots you’re showing are of syncthing-gtk, a UI wrapper around Syncthing proper. A better idea is to look at Syncthing itself, and maybe its logs. Try launching your browser and going to a “website” with address localhost:8384 - what do you see there?

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Ping @kozec

I tried that and but nothing loaded on the page. It’s still loading as I’m typing this response. I opened the actions menu and clicked on the logs option but nothing happened. It just kept loading.


Check the javascript console for errors.

I don’t know how to view the javascript console but I found an option in the Syncthing taskbar icon called “Daemon Output”. I clicked on it and copied the text but didn’t find anything which looked like an error message:

The logs explain the issue, device that advertised the file is no longer connected.

I see that but my devices weren’t connecting before as stated in the main text of my post. I don’t see how this narrows the problem down.

Yeah, that too, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the only problem @QuantomSync has here. Syncthing Web UI screenshot he posted, looks strange: it shows no folders, no connected devices, and “unknown device” instead of device name on the top of the page there usually suggests the Web UI is not fully loaded, which generally happens when Syncthing is overwhelmed by something and too slow to respond. Obviously, the part of the log doesn’t tell the full story.

@QuantomSync, could you look through full log for error messages? AFAIK Linux Mint 19 uses systemd for init, so you could look up the PID of the running Syncthing by ps ax | grep syncthing in console (you’re looking for the number at the beginning of the line that shown the syncthing process, usually it’s a 4- or 5-digit number), and then see the full log by sudo journalctl -b _PID=xxxxx (where xxxxx is that number you’ve got on the first step).

Sorry it’s too late. I decided to remove my config folder with rm -rf ~/.config/syncthing and start over by manually reconnecting my devices. I’ve opened/closed the client and rebooted my PC once since resetting my configuration and everything seems to work just fine(so far). If I encounter the same problem again, I’ll make an update in this thread. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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