Not synced for a while

I wonder best way to do this now, after syncthing been down for 3 months, me and my colleague have 2 different versions of many files. these can be text and word files with registries that now after not syncing are mismatch. How can I be sure, setting this up to sync again efter 3 months, that nothing will go wrong initial sync ? Best way to do this ?

Before doing anything else, I would suggest creating a full backup of the folder in question, just in case something goes wrong.

When it comes to synchronisation itself, if the modified files have same names, Syncthing will likely create conflicted copies, but you may want to first change maxConflicts to -1 in the Advanced Configuration for the folder, so that there is no limit on how many conflicted copies are created. This may be overkill if only two devices are involved, but still.

Once the synchronisation has finished, you will need to go through everything and check all the conflicted copies manually.

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