Not starting automatically, but does start manually

The app has been fine for years, but (not sure when) it is now not starting automatically, and also not showing any notifications.

Every now and then when I start it manually, I get a “Syncthing is disabled” error, despite loading 30 minutes previously on the same wi-fi network… so I have to force close and start it up again, then it’s fine.

I also have to change my Android display timeout to 30 minutes in order to finish a Sync.

Yes, restarted phone. Yes, have “Run on Wi-Fi” ticked. Yes, have “Start service automatically at boot” ticked.

Ubuntu laptop has Syncthing same version and runs at boot and is fine.

Version Information

App Version: v0.10.15
Syncthing Version: v0.14.51
Android Version: Android 9.0 on a Google Pixel (sailfish)

Hope you can help.


Can you get the logs using adb/logcat? Have you checked that battery optimization is switched off for the app?

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Maybe the Android Battery management is interfering here? Sounds like it closes Syncthing because “it is not in use”. I added Syncthing to the “unmonitored apps” in Battery management for that reason.

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That’s fixed it, thanks.

Don’t know how that got turned on.

Sorry for bothering you.


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Also, next time use the forum rather than gitbub, as you can see there is nothing we need to fix here, other than give advice, so no point increasing that issue counter.

Yes, will do, my bad. I just followed the link from my Android app Help and Issues thing which went to github and used that :slight_smile:

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