Not right terminated on android -ZenUI

Hi there ! I have bought Asus Zenpad Z580 with upgrade to android 6 and the lastest firmware. I have installed syncthing (I use this programm successfully on other android devices) and it works, but when I exit the programm regulary synything doesn’t terminate right. Other connected devices (for example PC-client) still shows online status until zenpad device hibernates and background processes are shut down by the system. When I then turn on Zenpad device, there is still the message ‘synthing is running’ altough it isn’t running anymore (even not in background - processes and child processes has been killed).This malfunction do make me very unhappy , because I like this piece of software very much and I would like to run it also on ZenUI. But without the problem solved, its not useable for me. Has someone any similar experienes or an idea how to fix this ? p.s. sorry for bad englisch (AUSTRIA) Thanks for answers !! regards, joe:relaxed:

If you enable always run in background, it tries to always run in background. If you don’t enable that, there is no notification (afaik) and you can use the quit button in the side menu to quit the app and terminate the background binary.

Thanks for answering ! yes , but when I enable synct to run in background, I can’t exit the programm . I have to use task manager to kill syncthing. So I do not use this option. On my samsung galaxy s device everything works fine (background running also not enabled). On my asus Zenpad I have ‘synthing running’ in the message bar and the behaviour as described above occurs …

Seems to me that a new child process is starting in background, when using the quit button in the side menu… – github. Joe