Not restarting after auto-update [Windows]

I’m managing a bunch of Syncthing-synced clients at my work office. The main host is running Linux and it’s fine (I use that machine all the time) but sometimes the Windows clients that sync with the host don’t go up after auto-update and I need to restart them manually.

I have installed Syncthing manually in C:\Syncthing\syncthing.exe on these machines, and added a shortcut to Windows’ shell:startup folder.

This usually works, but every once in a few weeks (or months) I need to go up to some machines, hit Meta+R key, type in shell:startup, and run that shortcut manually. I suspect automatic Syncthing updates to be the cause.

This isn’t a huge problem as long as all the machines are in my reach and I can manually restart it, but soon I’ll be also installing Syncthing on remote machines I will never have physical access to, and calling these people in foreign countries to say “open this, click that and you’ll be good” isn’t going to be a nice thing to do. I’d like to make sure it will “just work” no matter what. If it’s even possible. Maybe I’ll have to leave that shortcut in their menu as well and just instruct them to run it if things don’t work.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint the problem. Have anybody had similar experience?

Version Information

Syncthing Version: below v0.1.3 OS Version: Windows 8 and 10.

Are you running syncthing.exe with -no-restart?

Normally syncthing runs a monitor process, which restarts the main syncthing process if it exits, which is disabled by that flag. In upgrade, syncthing shuts down and the monitor process restarts it. If you’re not running that monitor process, wlrhen it won’t start again.

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