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Unfortunately my ISP puts me behind a double NAT, which means I can not forward any ports. Somehow Syncthing does not seem to join a relay. I can see it if I enable discovery logging on another host, the response only includes the recent IP addresses of my providers NAT box. Also in my own log I never see the “Joined relay” line that I see on other hosts. “Enable relaying” is checked in the settings of course. What can be the reason that my client does not join a relay?

Thanks for any help!

  • Axel

Did you change the sync listen address from the default default value?

Apparently I did. I do not recall changing it, however. Now has successfully joined a relay. Thank you very much! I will look into hosting another relay on my server too :slight_smile:

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I also just tried to donate 0.02217433 Bitcoin, but somehow the payment is not working. I sent the Bitcoin to 19jxkcwpNjv7HPw2sg8Jok23uqC2dia97M and the TXID is 7b8b1cc1250030c707672667387b20da895998210c51da5cec936488f2f05a4f, but somehow the donation dialog still says “Waiting for Payment” :\ I hope you do get this donation.

Oh, maybe it needs to confirm in a block first…


Thank you. :thumbsup:

Great! You’re welcome :smiley:

Although the dialog still shows “Waiting for Payment” :\ Well, it is Coinbases problem I guess.

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