Not Everything Synchronizes

I have looked through several other posts that might help with this issue but I think this is different than the other issues being described.

I have a Mac (M1 though that should not make a difference for what is happening) and another ARM based system running Debian. I am using syncthing-macos version 1.18.1-1 and a Debian release of version 1.18.2.

The original files are all on the MacOS machine. I have three folders and two of them appear to have worked just fine. The third folder reports “Up to Date.” However, on the Mac there is a root folder two folders that both have a significantly deep folder structure under them. One of the folder synced but is missing some files. The second appears to have not synced at all.

I set this up last night and it has not worked so this is not something that changed.

I have tried the “Rescan” function and I have tried the touch command so the file might looked like it changed.

I appreciate any help with getting this to work.

Thanks, Steve

Please post screenshots of the web ui from both sides with the folders expanded

@AudriusButkevicius, I figured out the problem. I did not see the message telling me I needed to adjust my filesystem watchers.

For anyone else looking at this post you may want to visit the FAQ for this. Changing the number of watchers worked like a time.

I appreciate the quick response and I am sorry I did not see this the first time.

Thanks, Steve

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