Not all files or folders have been sent to the receiving device

Syncthing Version 1.27.3. Sharing from a windows 11 laptop to android. Laptop is a Dell inspiron, 32GB RAM and 1.5TB SSD. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy fold 3 UI 6.0 12GBRAM 512GB storage space. Space on both should be more than enough.

When synching the files of one shared folder (the Novels folder on sending device, Books folder on receiving device) some files and folders are just not synched.

The omissions appear to be random, sometimes files within the same folder (same file type) will have some copied and some omitted. Some folders are missing entirely.

I setup the receiving device folder in an existing folder with data already there. I’m not sure if this would affect the synch or not.

Sometimes entire folders are missing. Sometimes just some files within a folder (one particular folder for example only 3 of 6 files were copied. All files were of the same type and of similar size.).

In the Synchthing interface the shared folder is shown as containing 42.7Gb, 9,918 files, and 1,965 folders. However, in windows it shows this shared folder contains 45.7GB, 11,997 files and 1,987 folders. This discrepancy is obviously the difference in missing files and folders. However, I’m not sure if I’ve done anything to cause this or if it is a bug.

I have tried a second backup of the main folder and it showed the exact same size, folder and file numbers as the previous one.

I’m not sure what to do to fix this and/or what I am doing wrong. Any ideas are welcome.

The global states of the folder match on both sides, however, on Android, it seems that you’ve set the folder type to Receive Only, and there are local additions in it, which cannot be sent to the other side because of the folder type.

If you want to send the files, you will need to change the folder type to Send & Receive.

Yes, there will be a few differences due to this. However, the issue here is that the Windows side files (send & receive) that have not been transferred to the android. My main problem is that it appears that some files and folders have not been recognized in the initial scan on the windows laptop and so have been skipped. When sharing again in a new folder, the exact same number of files, folders etc appear in the new shared folder and the same ones are skipped. How do I get the unrecognized files and folders to be recognized so that they can be transferred. (And as I mentioned, the files and folders appear random to me. Some files within the same folder are shared and some not.)

If the android files are not shared, this is not a problem as I set it up for this. (Though I thought that I had set up the windows side to only receive.)

Can you post a screenshot of the folder properties as displayed in Windows Explorer? Also, is there anything peculiar about the files that Syncthing skips? Could you provide a sample file path of one of them?

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