Norton Security Firewall Settings

I’m running Syncthing (behind the SyncTrayzor wrapper) on a Windows 7 Desktop and a Windows 10 Laptop.

I’ve got Norton Security installed on both and when the firewall setting was set to allow all comms then Syncthing was working. I allowed Syncthing to do its update then I tried to set the norton firewall to allow only local network connections at which point it stopped working (each machine showing the other as disconnected)

I set up a norton firewall rule on each machine with:

  • Allow connections to and from computers
  • With only specified computers with each others IPv4 address and subnet mask specified
  • Allow all types of comms (all ports, local and remote)
  • With NAT traversal traffic if explicitly requested (I’ve no idea what this is)

Does anybody know Norton sufficiently well to understand what I’m doing wrong?

Syncthing uses Broadcast / Multicast for local discovery which is probably still blocked by your firewall.