Norton detected virus.

I’m update to Latest Version today.

So Norton says detecting virus , called “Infostealer.Limitail” , and I must delete the file : syncting.exe.

Please tell me, what I need to do.

It’s a false positive. A virus signature update should solve that at some point, I hope.

Same here with Symantec. Windows 7 says it is a 16-bit program after the antivirus has done it’s thing. Virustotal says it is clean. I guess we should report to our antivirus providers. Meantime, does anybody know how to stop syncthing automatic update in windows to get my files synced with my Linux hosts? (No chanse to deactivate antivirus on the employers-laptop). By the way, I guess no suspicious activity was detected in the syncthing upadate servers lately(?) (Just joined! Thanks for your hard work and awesome tool synkthing team!)

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Settings -> Uncheck ‘Automatic upgrades’ to disable automatic upgrades.

Thanks Anthony but as soon as v.14.11 starts it goes updating and then thegui is not accessible. Is this possible in config.xml?

Change <autoUpgradeIntervalH>12</autoUpgradeIntervalH> to <autoUpgradeIntervalH>0</autoUpgradeIntervalH>.

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I stop the auto update. And, the latest syncthing.exe is deleted by Norton, so I renamed syncthing.exe.old to syncthing.exe, It’s fine to me now.

I report issue to Symantec and will check few days after.

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Were you able to report the issue to Symantec and if so do you have a link to it that we can follow up with to see when it gets resolved? Thanks.

Hi David,

I have sendes report this issue to symantec, But I received auto respond e-mail message only.

I checked syncthing.exe with Kaspersky and VirusBuster, off course no virus is detected. So, I Manually setting that file is safe in Norton Internet Security, now.

Unfortunately, 0.14.13 has a same issue too.

Any news on the Symantec Whitelisting @Naohito_Otobe?

You should raise an issue with them. Multiple reports arw better than one.

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