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Hi, thanks for this amazing Syncthing. I have two questions…

  1. If I put “Android/” in the .stignore file, will it ignore that folder? Or what is the correct way to ignore a folder?

  2. What is “ignore permissions”? If I don’t select it, will it ignore files that are byte sized?

  1. I’m not exactly sure about the /, but it should ignore every folder ending with Android (case-sensitive)
  2. “ignore permissions” means that local changes to permission won’t count as a change, and syncthing won’t try to change permissions of incomming files resulting in default permissions (as in umask).


The foot note in ignores documentation says

Please note that directory patterns ending with a slash some/directory/ matches the content of the directory, but not the directory itself. If you want the pattern to match the directory and its content, make sure it does not have a / at the end of the pattern.

So to ignore Android, just type Android

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Thank you sir. How do I ignore a specific folder and file?


There Useful .stignore Patterns

Just type Folder/File

And to ignore “all but…” there is a nice discussion here with examples : un-ignore subfolders & files of ignored folder

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Thank you guys! Hope Syncthing evolves to be a big bad beast tech animal. Gonna go donate to help feed Syncthing. If you use Syncthing, we should all donate what we can to keep this kicka*s thing called Syncthing to keep our data save and ours from the bad uncles.:grinning::+1::ok_hand::muscle:

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If “ignore permissions” keeps local files unchanged, would “send & recieve” override it? Or are they two different options?

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They are two grids one above the other. Ignore is usefull when using read only too. I use it to screen .pdf only in read only mode, so I’m sure I won’t propagate other things than pdf. Ignore set what is handled, and the send-receive/read-only sets how to behave with them.

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Ingore permissions is not the same as ignore patters (@brunod). Ignore permissions is independent from folder type (send&receive), it just means that the file permission information is neither changed on your computer nor sent to other devices.

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Oops, sorry !

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