noob question

  1. Cant change the default folder (windows 10 64bit standalone)

I changed my actions/settings to set the default directory from “~” to “D:\syncthing” and hit save. THis had no affect, as the “Default Folder” under Folder in the UI still shows “C:\Users\me\sync” If I try to change this path to “d:\syncthing” I cant - the option to edit it is greyed out.

  1. cant get friends files.

I added my friends device ID and checked “introduder”. I now see his device in the list of “remote devices”, but I see no option to see or get the files he is sharing. How do I see another users files?

You can’t change the path of folders, you need to create a new one (and delete the default folder if you don’t need it there). Te default directory setting is just what will be proposed as path when creating a new folder.

After adding devices on both sides, you need to share a folder, i.e. when/after creating the folder you need, you select your friends device under “share with” (or similar) in the folder editor.

The introducer feature is something else, see

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