Noob question - One way sync, ignore deletes from left

New to SyncTHing and considering giving it ago.

One “advanced” configuration option that I need is a one-way “backup” that will copy a file to the destination (right) but then ignore any changes to it the file on the right after inital copy/sync.

For example, a file is created on the left, copies to the right. Great! But say I delete the same file on the right… is it possible to configure ST to NOT re-copy the same file to the right? But continue to copy any NEW files that are created on the left?

Read thru the Docs, but I didn’t see this anywhere. Just wondering before I get started on this. I THOUGHT this was a pretty simple feature, as I’ve used software that does this in the past, but recently I’ve tried a couple other software platforms, and they gave me responses like “WTF, why would you want to do this?”



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Send only folder and ignoreDeletes are the only options available. If after reading the docs you think you can’t set it up, then probably you can’t.

In the scenario you’ve described, as soon as a file that was deleted on the right gets modified on the left, it would be resurrected back on the right.

That’s the most confusing and passive-aggressive answer I’ve ever received. HA.

A simple “NO, this functionality is NOT possible” would do.


I simply couldn’t understand what exactly you are trying to achieve from your description, but if you feel offended by my answer, let it be so.

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I don’t feel offended…amused mostly.

It’s VERY simple:

is it possible to configure the backup/sync job to NOT to recopy folders and files that have already been copied?

Possible or not?

I am also confused about what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

As I interpret your question text, not possible.

Going by just the topic subject, ignoreDeletes does this.

Going by your latest update, Syncthing never “recopies” things that are already in sync.


yes, I read about ignoredeletes from here:

Still confused.

Here we go, story time:

Left folder aka Source: we will call this "Folder A" Right folder aka destination: we will call this "folder B" File to be synced is “file.txt”

  1. Folder A is synced with Folder B. yay
  2. User creates file.txt in Folder A
  3. Folder B is now OUT OF SYNC
  4. Folder A sees folder B out of sync and copies file.TXT to Folder B
  5. File.txt now exists on both Folder A and Folder B . They are now in sync. yay
  6. User wants to delete file.txt from folder B and ONLY folder B. User wants file.txt to stay in folder A but NOT in folder B.
  7. User intentionally deletes file.txt from folder B
  8. Folder A and Folder B are now out of sync

IS THERE AN OPTION TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE OUT OF SYNC, but continue to copy any NEW files from folder A to folder B?

Setting ignore deletes on the A side should do this.

Awesome! Thank you.

I’m still a BIT confused by this text from the doc:

“Bob (Folder A) may continue to see Alice (Folder B) as up to date until the next time Syncthing is restarted on his device. // Should Bob (Folder A) modify any of the files that Alice (folder B) has deleted, the update will be sent to Alice and Alice will download the now updated file.”

Am I correct in assuming that if file.txt is changed or modified in any way in folder A (Bob) then the file is then re-copied?

Yes, if A modifies files after it was deleted on B, it will be resurrected on B. If you really want B not to get that file ever again, add it to ignores.

Yeah, but when we’re talking about 10,000 files that’s a lot of manual entry.

Best I can suggest is:

  1. Write tools to automate it
  2. Restructure your data so that it’s easier to ignore
  3. Use a different tool, yet I can’t suggest one that does what you want.

these dues do:

They just don’t have a front-end WebUI.

Anywho. thanks for the fun!