Noob on OMV Debian

Hi, Noob on debian, i want to install syncThing under OMV. Just added SyncThing by an entry and do apt-get install syncthing It seems, that syncthing binary is present in /etc/init.d/ If I start manually syncthing a new config file appear in /root/.config/

How can i create a new user to share folder with a special account, and to make syncthing boot with my OMV Nas (many share will be made on this nas later)

TXS in adavnce,

I think the binary is available to anyone, so you switch users with su and just run syncthing. After it starts, you can check the logs it should tell you the address it’s listening on.

Thanks, I will try this !

And how can I make it start on each machine boot, giving this user in parameter ?

Check your OS manual.


This response was easy :smile:

But for other users who do not want to RTFM, try this if you are on OMV … SyncThing pluging for OMV

Hope this is helpful for other than man…

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