noob here - question about "send and recieve"

Hi there, I’m trying to install syncthing on windows and on my synology. Now I’m facing the question, what the folder typ “send and recieve” in detail means. I read the (very good) online help but has still one question:

the folder on my windows notebook is my “master folder”, the duplicated folder on my synology is my recieving folder. My other notebook is also “a sender”, contributing to the synology folder. now, I want that my windows notebook also recieves the changes made with the other notebook sent to synology.

Do I need to set up the synology folder as a sender / reciever folder or is it just ok to set up the both notebook folder as sender/reciever?

I guess, it sounds way more complicated then it is…

Thanks in advance! Best

As a rule of thumb: If you’re not sure, go with send-receive. If you want to make sure, that changes originating on the synology do not propagate away from it, you can make it a receive-only folder. However if you anyway know there won’t be any changes (e.g. no access to synology data except when sshing in), you could just as well leave it at send-receive.

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