Non Technical Contribution


You guys are doing a great job and I have been using syncthing for the last few months. Since I cannot code but would still like to contribute, please let me know if I can be of any help such as answering questions or writing help guide or any such thing. I can give around 3-4 hours every week.

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Absolutely! The documentation is only half done at best, and definitely needs some love. Making sure your favorite use cases and features are correctly documented is a great help, as is aggregating answers into the FAQ and similar. The getting started guide isn’t super great either and could surely be made more user friendly.

In general the documentation contains mostly “general” info and not so how much “how do I do X” - adding things like that, and getting them linked from the GUI (think a “How does this work?” link next to the “Master” setting among folder settings etc) would be great.

Please let me know the topics/links that are required to be done and/or their order of priority and I will draft them and send it out to you for review/publishing