Node shows remote server (wrongly) as out of sync

I have two ST nodes that sync some shared folders. There is one folder that seems to be up to date on both sides (global and local state match on both sides, also the last changed item). However, on one node it shows a lot files as outdated on the remote node (for weeks now, value does not change). How to solve this?

Node A

Node B

The ignore pattern on both nodes is the same and the files are not affected by it. Didn’t detect anything in the logs I found meaningful…

First step could be to disconnect and reconnect that Folder. Which Synology and Syncthing package is running? If first step doesnt help a package specific --reset-deltas could help also.

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OK, I will try tonight. Both nodes are running the identical official Docker image.

Doe you know the whole command line to start a Docker Syncthing with optional --reset-deltas manually?

I don’t need to since your first suggestion seemed to have solved the issue.

But out of curiousity: will a simple docker exec do or do I need to create the container with a custom CMD?

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