No versioning on one subfolder

Hello together, I have one problem i can not find a solution for.

I have a linux machine “A” with a folder /var/example where Syncting points to for synchronization. There are subfolders /var/example/db-backup and /var/example/fs-backup. /var/example/db-backup contains files, while /var/example/fs-backup contains two subfolders /var/example/fs-backup/one and /var/example/fs-backup/two that both contain files. On a linux machine “B” I have turned on versioning for the remote folder “/var/example@machineA”. Funny thing that happens a) the files in /var/example/db-backup appear in the .stversions/db-backup as expected b) nothing happens to .stversions/fs-backup - it doesn’t even create the folder .stversions/fs-backup. But on machine “B” in folder /var/example@machineA/fs-backup always appers the latest version of files in their subfolders “one” and “two”. So syncronization does work for this folder but no versioning.

So why (how can I investigate) does it work on one subfolder but doesn’t to another as hey are both subfloder to folder where versioning is turned on ?

Both machines are Syncthing v1.18.0

Thanks in advance for your help.

BR chris

having a look to the logfile i see a difference in handling the files in the different folders, but i have no clue why it is like this and how i can change this behavior.

When versioning works it says something about “update file”: [VIANF] 2021/07/26 10:58:03 VERBOSE: Started syncing “4fd23-7vdvx” / “db-backup/elgg.sql” (update file)

When versioning doesn’t work it says something about “metadata file”: [VIANF] 2021/07/26 10:41:21 VERBOSE: Started syncing “4fd23-7vdvx” / “fs-backup/etc/mysql.tgz” (metadata file) [VIANF] 2021/07/26 10:41:21 VERBOSE: Finished syncing “4fd23-7vdvx” / “fs-backup/etc/mysql.tgz” (metadata file): Success

It means it was a metadata-only update (permissions or timestamp), no data was changed so it doesn’t create a version.

THX for your reply. I got the point … but can i force it to make new version ?

Does it mean, if i change a single bit in the file, that it will make a version then ?

Reason, why i am asking is, that i use Syncthing as backup software and i fear some attacking software that encrypts my data. Can some software change a file in a manner that it appears only as a metadata update ?

Not really, as a metadata change (mtime, size) triggers the hashing of the file. If the hash differs, the file get updated and will result in versioning.

Syncthing is not intended for backup!
Using versioning as a first line of defense against data loss is fine of course, but do not rely on it. Use a dedicated backup program to protect your data.

thanks to you all, it is clear to me now …

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