No v0.11 release today

No bugs fixed, so nothing to release.

(I’ll hopefully wrap up the TLS discovery with some tests and stuff today, then start looking into single-listening-port relaying unless you want to fix that one @AudriusButkevicius)


The server already uses a single port. Why would you want to make client side use a single port?

I don’t. I just missed that going in! :dancer: @AudriusButkevicius++

Then, IMO, we just need to fix and merge the relay stuff and the tempindex stuff.

Fix what in relays?

I think you should run the new server and the new client library for a while to see if it still works.

Also, temp indexes I don’t know what to do due to the potential memory consumption. I recall there being some cool thing which spills into leveldb but can’t find it anymore.

Sorry, I can’t type today. I blame having a cold of some kind. I meant fix the discovery stuff, what I’m doing now.

I think that spilling thing is in my delta index branch. But i was thinking something simpler, where just drop older info or ignore temporary updates past some threshold. Now sure how to decide on that threshold though.

I’m kind of inclined to release at least a beta with the new relaying and discovery anyway.