No UPnP device detected with mobile LTE

When i connect my mobile phone (iPhone) as a LTE modem, Syncthing spend a lot of time to connect with my home devices.

outside: laptop, windows, SyncTrayzor + mobile LTE
home: linux ARM, Syncthing, router with NAT and Public static IP.

In log SyncTrayzor: No UPnP device detected

I use Syncthing and BTSync simultaneously and Btsync connect very quickly, it use another search method? Is there any way to decrease connect time?

Thank you!

The lte modem not speaking upnp is expected. What’s a long time, here?

something like 15-20 minutes. It depends…

That’s odd. There’s nothing Syncthing does on that timescale, so it should either work within a minute or so or not at all…

I agree with you, but I am not lying. Discovery server search takes some time (significant), but after it much more then minute takes to connect with node.

(sorry for my English)