No sync progress with big files - from 0% to 100%

Hello syncthing team, huge fan of your work :grinning:

The problem:

Imagine synchronizing one folder with one zip file (>2gb). Syncthing does not show any progress until the file is synced. It jumps from 0% to 100%, and may take a long time.

It’s not a big deal, but it appears “frozen” while is actually syncing normally.

The Rest API does not show sync progress either:

curl localhost:8384/rest/db/completion?folder=big
curl localhost:8384/rest/db/status?folder=big

Any tips?

Greeting, Nuno Bento

Have you changed any advanced configuration options? I’m thinking specifically about Progress Update Interval.

Normally, a large file transfer on the receiving side should look somewhat like this.


Yes, aparently ProgressUpdateInterval was set to -1.

Ok, problem solved… really sorry about that and thank you for the fast response