no such file

I am getting this error message:

GROCERIES.sync-conflict-20230611-113322-GANPKRF no such file

Google is no help!

there is a file:


Other two computers of 3 see no problem.

Deleting file just means it is respawned!

Tried stopping syncthing, deleting file and restart. File is not remade. But still have error:

Sync GROCERIES.sync-conflict-20230611-113322-GANPKRF 2.79 KiB

The Conflicting Changes section of the Understanding Synchronization page in the documentation might be of interest.

Which device identifies as “GANPKRF”?

Thanks. GANPKRF is the unit with the problem. I understand this is a tmp file. But it seems to have no connection with a file on this or either of the other two units. All have a good copy of GROCERIES. There are no conflicted copies on any unit. Which is why I am coming here for help! :slight_smile: The doc your recommended states: the temporary file is kept around for up to a day. but this has been there for over a week. Under failed items it says: The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved. GROCERIES.sync-conflict-20230611-113322-GANPKRF no connected device has the required version of this file

On device GANPKRF, does the conflicted file always have exactly the same filename GROCERIES.sync-conflict-20230611-113322-GANPKR?

Thanks. Yes it does. Now it is trying to sync this with one of the other units, which does not have it.

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