No .stversions folder?

I don’t have an .stversions folder on any of my machines. I only see an .stfolder but there is nothing in it.

I have file versioning set to simple file versioning for 1 file version.

It was my understanding that anything I delete or change would be saved at least one time in this folder or do I have that wrong?

Versions are saved as someone else deletes a file, we cannot version a file if it’s already gone locally.

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So if I change the text on an .odt document and then save it, the previous version isn’t saved in an .stversions folder? I thought that is what simple versioning is supposed to do.

No, it saves versions of modifications done by other devices, not local modifications.

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Ok, I’m really confused then. What is the difference between other devices and local? I have three computers connected to each other syncing the same folder. What defines local vs another device?

You are on your device A, you make a change to a file. Device A tells device B that it’s supposed to download a new version of the file that you’ve modified, if versioning is enabled on B, device B will make a version of the old file before downloading the new version from A.

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I understand now. But there is no .stversion folder on the other devices after making changes to some files on my machine.

Ok, the folders just appeared but it took a while so I looked too soon.

What happens if I delete all the files in an .stversion folder on one of the machines?

Nothing, the files are deleted.

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Will it delete the .stversion files on all the other machines or just on that one machine?

I would like to check this folder now and then and clean out .stversion files that aren’t needed anymore.

That one machine only, as versions are not synced.

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I really appreciate your patience and help! I’ve got it all configured properly now. Have a great day!

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