No .stversions folder created on Android

Syncthing Version 1.17.0 Android 7.x

I am a beginner, and installed ST today for the first time. I sync between two Windows PCs and an Android Device and it works very well so far.

But on the Android device, there is no .stversions folder created. I set up “Simple File Versioning” for the “default folder” on the device. On the Windows PCs it works good, but not on Android.

…okay… I just found the culprit: Me :see_no_evil: The specific file browser, I was using on android (default on Unihertz Jelly Pro), hides “hidden” files by default. As I normally use a different file manager (Total Commander), I was used, that there are no hidden files. Sorry.

I am just posting this, because I already had written the text above and maybe others are also doing the same mistake like me.

In the specific file browser, tap on the three dots in the lower right corner and choose “show hidden files”.

Toppic can be closed :wink: