No read access shares / keeping files encrypted

actually i am using syncthing with succes between my own computers.

my relatives are interested in syncthing but we are suffering an issue.

they do not have several machines. and they will not invest in several machines.

i do not want to share a folder with them on which i will have read access.

actually syncthing encrypt the files for transfert and then uncrypt the files on each node.

is there a way to config some shares/nodes to keep the files encrypted ?

so that if someone sync files on a share on my machine then everything is safe as i cannot read anything.

maybe this is already implemented and just i do not know how to do it

A feature I very much would like - It’s not yet included…

Here is the open issue for it

thank you. now i remember reading this github thread last year. but i was looking for in on the forum …

to make an illusion of easyness i would say that it is not an additional encryption feature

but this would be to “suspend” the uncryption feature as files are already encrypted before being sent :wink:

This is the discussion thread: