No local discovery for new install over old install. How to fix?

I briefly tinkered with syncthing on my laptop before, but now I am actually using it to sync between my two android devices and two Fedora devices on my LAN. The desktop syncs with the phones okay, but the laptop, which had a previous install, only connects with other devices when global discovery is enabled. So it seems like local discovery is broken on the laptop. Is there an obvious way to reset something somewhere? Should it just work considering that local discovery is enabled, meaning this is a bug? Is there any info about my setup I can provide you? my ifconfig: Fedora 20 GNU/Linux 3.19.5-100.fc20.x86_64 Syncthing 0.11.5 Happy to submit a bug for this if it is one.

There’s nothing to reset or tweak beyond making sure it’s enabled. The usual reason for it not working is a firewall blocking the broadcast/multicast packets used.

You’re right it was a firewall issue. Silly I didn’t think of that.