No hibernation on Synology ?

Hello all,

I installed Synthing on a Synology Nas (DS716+II) and I noticed that the nas does not hibernate anymore.

Is there any trick I can run ? I mean, is there any option I can switch off (or on) in order to allow my nas to hibernate ?

Thanks for help François

You can switch syncthing off I guess.


Yes, of course, thanks for the answer.

Indeed, I am asking anyone about a possible “tweak” that would allow hibernation in case of inactivity.

I have been using SyncThing on my nas for several months now and I had no problem with hibernation. Perhaps a new functionality prevents the nas to hibernate…

Perhaps any combination in these options. See this Screenshot

You have to check the NAS why it refuses to hibernate, is it network activity, disk activity, what is causing it.

Yes. Already done that yet…

Am I really the only one facing such problem ?

Why do you think the issue is Syncthing? What has led to this opinion? You said it was hibernating fine for a couple of months and then stopped? Fwiw, I’ve never heard of your issue happening - syncthing is well behaved on all of my machines.

I just ask the question to know if someone else has faced the problem, too. Perhaps it’s not related to Syncthing, but as the software is frequently updated, perhaps a new preference has an influence on machine hibernation.

But your right, perhaps a change in my nas OS could have an influence in this point too.

I’ll continue my tests :wink:

I contacted Synology support and after working on the problem they said that one of their components causes the hibernation bug : Cloud Station Server (DRIVE)

To solve the problem, one has to uninstall the applications using this component : Drive, Moments and Office.

I did so and have no hibernation problems anymore.

HiH François

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