No files are Synced, only folders


I’ve installed Syncthing on two Windows devices and set up Folder X on Computer B to sync to Folder Y on Computer A. Folder X is set to “Send Only” and Folder Y to “Receive Only.”

Syncthing began the synchronization process, but it only replicated the folder structure without syncing any files. The status of Folder X shows “Scanning,” yet no new folders or files have been added for quite some time.

Could someone please guide me on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue to ensure the files are also synced?

Thank you.

Is this a network drive? How many files have you got in there? I think you may need to wait for the scanning process to finish first before the actual sync begins.

I have roughly 3TB of data. Network connection is fine and both drives are local. After several hours, I’ve noticed that some files have started to sync. It seems to be a matter of waiting. However, I think there should be a notification to inform users that during the initial sync, folders are synced first and files follow afterward. This would prevent any confusion for users. Thanks for your help :+1:

Another thing I noticed. You folder path has just drive letter with colon and no trailing. I have a vague recollection that file watching does not work with a path like that. You can try adding a trailing slash via the advanced editor.


I think it even doesn’t work for the root of the drive however it’s expressed…

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The initial large sync is still in progress, and everything appears to be functioning correctly. I’ll try adding more files later to see how it performs using the driver letter as source folder. Thanks for the helpful tips.

Just to add, I’ve been able to sync the remote drive to a local folder over the last few days without any issues. Thanks.

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