No connected device has the file - touch won't fix

I’m getting the error "No connected device has the required version of this filefor two files. This has been going on for days while other sync actions seem fine. Both sync nodes involved are R/W on this sync folder.

I went to those few files and “touched” them to update their modification date, expecting the newly dated file would become the most recent version in the cluster, propagating to all the others and the error would go away.

It did not. Why is that message still present on a computer that has the most recent version? I would think this computer would not want any other version now.

This situation also causes “Out of Sync” for that folder on the web GUI, so I’d like to figure out what I misunderstand and prevent it from happening again.

The error usually means there’s another device somewhere that advertised a change but went offline before that change could be synced.

Touching should indeed “fix” the situation (potentially causing a conflict when the disconnected device comes back online), so no idea why you still have out-of-sync items, that definitely should be the case. The output from a querying for an affected file might give a clue as to why (it would be nice to integrate that into the web UI somehow as often as it’s needed…).

Simon, I think you just confirmed the issue. So I’m still wondering how to fix it.

I clicked on the link, but it’s not clear what that is supposed to do. It looks like some C or java-script or API? Or ?? something? The linked “worked” but means nothing to me.

I have this too.

I cannot tell exaclty when this happens, but those actions are involved for the following scenario:

File was synced between those three (R/W) Devices/Folders:

  • Device O went offline months ago.
  • I modify a file on Device A (with a NotePad++, so there is a *.bak file created and overwritten a lot of times, as well as the original file changes a lot)
  • Device B (Laptop) will be “Lid-Closed” sometimes while syncing is in progress

When both Devices (A+B) are online for a 8h or so, I too get that message “No connected device has the file”.

I have this message mostly for files which are synced to more than 2 Devices and where 1 Device is offline (and never had that current/up to date file).

Hope it helps. If not, ignore please.