No clear way to resolve "out of sync items"

I’m syncing between my android 5 phone and my Fedora 22 laptop, and the laptop says it has 84 out of sync items. It has been that way for an hour. There seems to be nothing I can do from either device to resolve them. They all have “Sync” in the left column.

Any tips on how to get the sync to finish?

If they are failing to download, you should see failed items row on the folder, which when clicked should show the reasons, otherwise, they could be out of sync because they are ignored by .stignore. Alternatively, check the logs, syncthing logs to stdout

I’m still having this issue. I would expect that if .stignore caused this, it wouldn’t say “out of sync”. There are no error messages in the log.

It’s known that files that are ignored show up as out of sync. Best you can do is shutdown both sides simultaneously and restart, and hope that it goes away (if the ignores are the same on both sides, it should).

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