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I’m looking for a solution to sync large amount of thing between computers inside a local network. I use a “server” with a lot of files and folders to share, when needed, to some “client”. I use FTP actually, but when 2 or 3 user need to access to the same folder, the download become very, very slow and can take hours to be done. Syncthing look to solve this problem, but I meet 2 other problems:

-When I unpause a Remote Device, all his folders was unpause too and start to download everything. It’s only due to the Web UI or it’s normal ? If it’s normal, is there a way to avoid that? I just want to get the list of shared folders and start to sync them when needed. That use a lot of bandwidth (because a lot of big files in a lot of shared folder) and the network is near paralyzed when everyone launch Syncthing and there is some new folders (and a majority of “client” don’t need these new folder…)

I see that I can make a JS app with something like electron to do my own rules by using REST api since final users don’t need to have access to the whole option that web interface provide, but before starting working on it, I want to be sure I can control when a folder start to sync and not automatically when the remote device is resumed (only when needed)

-Second question, I can test wright now, but I would like to know if a new device have to be accepted on server even if this new device have auto accept folder ticked? So, if every new “client” devices have to be accepted on the “server”, it is possible to auto accept all new “client” in a local network?

Thank you

You can pause folders instead of devices to control when folders get started.

Autoaccept is only for folders, not for devices, so yes, you’ll have to manually add devices from the server.

There was a bug recently as well that newly added folders weren’t actually synced until manual pause/resume or restart. That should be fixed in 1.8.0-rc.1 out now, I think.

Thanks for your answer.

@AudriusButkevicius if the web app can accept new device, that mean this is possible from REST api?

@calmh ok, I understand now why I have to restart to see new folder, thanks, I will try this rc.

Sure, you can do many things with the rest api.

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