Newcomer to Syncthing

Hello all,

I am a graduate student in a mobile development course. Our small grad level group is searching for an appropriate open source project to work on for the duration of Spring semester, and I am wondering if Syncthing would be appropriate for a class focusing on Android/Mobile. We currently use Android Studio. Please let me know if there are other requirements besides Android SDK, Android Studio, Git, and whether this seems like a good project for contributions.




To build, you will also need the Android NDK. Instructions are in the Readme.

There are definitely lots of things to do, as you can see in the issue tracker. Things like minor UI fixes/improvements should be easy to get started. And some features from Syncthing are missing in the Android UI, which you could add. For more advanced contributions, you could improve the unit tests (which are quite broken), add dependency injection, or add support for external storage.

Iā€™m happy to help. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: